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Manufacture & Research and development of Non-Thermal Technology in food and agricultural Industry

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Pre-Aseptic-Sterilization System Plus (PASS+) for controlling the growth of microorganism in dairy industry

The patented Pre-Aseptic-Sterilization System (PASS+) thin-film design increases the liquids’ exposure to UV-C, enabling greater efficacy and consistency in pre-treatment. The Laminar flow of the liquid over the lamps inside thin film chamber ensures an inactivation and the multiple-lamp system guarantees added food-safety by extending shelf life of the liquids. Our technology delivers trustful, countable UV-C efficiency.

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Pre-Aseptic-Sterilization System Plus (PASS+) ​

PASS+ Innovative microbial growth control system with UV light for large dairy farm industry. Is a system designed for use with all types of milking processes. In addition, PASS+ offers the abilities to reduce and control microbial growth in raw milk and also developing a smart sensors system coupled with the control system to be easy to use and able to record raw milk data for daily operational benefits, as well as to analyze data for the development of management on their dairy farms and national levels.​

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Experienced Chief Innovation Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the food production industry. Skilled in Research and Development (R&D), Strategic Planning, Management, Project Management, and Product Development.


Chief Innovation Officer:
          David Makarapong PhD

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Good Creativity with Trust Engineering can be cause of the best Innovation


Chief Engineer Officer:
     Sawang Gerdpratoom

30 years expertise in UV technologies, Former Head of engineer department of Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research.

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How to assembly PASS+ Model D25-48-3 by MR. SAWAENG GERDPRATOOM

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