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Differentiation and Advantages

PASS+ Differentiation

  • Effective for opaque liquid, a world-first for commercial
  • UV-C systems in Dairy Farm Industry.
  • Air flow passing inside the system to reduce temperature
  • from UV lamp from the process.
  • Balanced and Controlled microbiological efficacy better than conventional systems.
  • Low-maintenance and affordable technology.
  • Developed specifically to deliver food-grade solutions for raw milk
  • PASS+ represents the most cost effective pre-treatment technologyavailable when considering the total cost per liters of raw milk processed. 


         The average reduction in micro-organisms in raw milk per 300 mJ/cm2  – 1 UVC exposure with PASS+ can reduces and controls the microbial load of raw  milk 1Log10 for 2 hours in farm ambient temperature   without cooling system  and the maximum  reduction in micro-organisms in raw milk  with PASS+ can reduces and controls the microbial load of milk 3Log10 for 2 hours without causing any affected to lipid oxidation.

  • Improved product quality and safety
  • Maintained nutritional value
  • Lower energy costs, the PASS+ unit consumes 90% less energy per liter purified than typical cooling system unit.
  • 99 % Elimination of microorganism in Raw Milk
  • Increased Raw-Milk price 0.02-0.03 USD/liters
  • Elimination of bacteria that create proteases and lipases upon transportation to Milk Collection center
  • The PASS+ process is the low cost and most energy efficient food safety option available for dairy farms.
  • PASS+ offers Milk Quality Real-time Monitoring System (via NB-IoT)